Monday, July 29, 2013

Silent Rose – Eradicate – Reinstate (2013)

Silent Rose
Album:  Eradicate-Reinstate
Genre:  Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. When Three Become One
2. Mouthful Of Sand
3. Cycle Of Madness
4. Diggity Dong
5. Would You Like Death With That
6. Newspeak
7. Step Right Up
8. Left To Kill
9. Big Green Men
10. Book Of Lies
11. Save The World, Kill A Banksta
12. Launch The Monkey
13. Bare The Water

Support:  Bandcamp ($11.99)

Interesting combination of Machinehead and Thy Art Is Murder…out of Australia, go figure.


  1. If someone were to murder the bald guy talking over the music, it would be alright!

  2. his vocals make it unique, So it doesnt sound like every other band out there. Loved it!


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