Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AnovA - Omnis (2014)

Artist: AnovA
Album: Omnis
Genre: Math Metal/Experimental

1. Tartarus
2. Magatama
3. Sword
4. Red Sea
5. Daedalus
6. Overflow
7. Hisou
8. Recursion
9. Unforgiving Blue
10.Ride This Squall Part 1
11.Ride This Squall Part 2
12.Ride This Squall Part 3
Interesting melodies and ideas, but the vocals are a little bit odd.

Coronado - Ark (2014)

Artist: Coronado
Album: Ark
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Metalcore

1. Still
2. A Rising
3. Smoke Signals
4. North

Stream and Download ( Name Your Price) via Bandcamp

New EP by one of Duckcore´s dearest friends!

Hybrid Circle - A Matter Of Faith (2014)

Artist: Hybrid Circle
Album: A Matter Of Faith
Genre: Math/Industrial Metal

1. Son of Galileo
2. My Twins
3. The Impossible
4. Age of Rationality (feat. Felix Martin)
5. Science Fiction
6. The Parallax
7. Digi-Christ
8. Eternity
9. Trial of Trust (Arrival on Titan)
10. Trial of Trust (Colony of Salvation)
11. Trial of Trust (The Giant Leap)
12. Headup (Deftones cover)
Very high quality for "Name Your Price". Worth a download and a listen.

Acting On Impulse - Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained (2014)

Artist: Acting On Impulse
Album: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

1. Convoluted 
2. Backward Thought Forward Motion 
3. Climbing The Ladder 
4. Separation Revelation 
5. Methodical 

New side project by the busiest bee in the metalsector, the mighty Alex Rudinger. Double duty on this one, he´s also doing vocals!

For Giants - Depths (2014)

Artist: For Giants
Album: Depths
Genre: Groove Metal/Progressive Metal

1. Impulse
2. Spade
3. Polarize
4. Aeriform
5. Lucidity
6. Emanate
Very solid stuff! Groovy and catchy!

Thessa - Exile 2.0 (2014)

Artist: Thessa
Album: Exile 2.0
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal

1. Blackout
2. Memories Fade As Fortune Presents Itself
3. On The Edge
4. Interlude I : Biomechanical
5. Constellations
6. Nascent
7. Perpetual Cycle
8. The One
9. Interlude II : Lost
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Eternal
12. Ending : Everything Ends
13. Memories Fade As Fortune Presents Itself Ft. Jos (Bonus)
14. Eternal Ft. Niti (Bonus)
15. Stardust (Bonus)
One of my favorite solo artists released his awesome record "Exile" again, with new production and some bonus tracks. Definitely woth the time, awesome stuff!

Lizard Minelli - Airwaves (2014)

Artist: Lizard Minelli
Album: Airwaves
Genre: Progressive Deathcore

  1. Constellation
  2. Dead-Alive John
  3. From The Ashes
  4. Saints In A Brothel
  5. Toulouse (feat. Nicky Romero)
  6. Revival
  7. I See The Whole World In Your Eyes
  8. Poems For Rats
  9. Airwaves
  10. My Minelli

Preview: Dead-Alive John

Very promising new act from Russia. The vocals are a little bit rough, but there are some nice elements in there.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shadow Of Intent - Inferi Sententia (2014)

Artist: Shadow Of Intent
Album: Inferi Sententia
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Symphonic Metal

1. The Prelude Bereavement
2. The Shaping Sickness
3. The Cosmic Inquisitor
4. The Last Bastion
5.The Indexing


So it's been awhile since ive posted and im sorry for that. These guy's are killer, and this EP all about halo which is awesome. The guitar is perfect with technical structure, with melody and great breakdowns when needed. The vocals are brutal, punishing, and just straight up in your face. The execution of the symphonic and melodic section's mesh flawlessly, and it's superbly done. All in all this has everything you could want, and in pulls aspect's of several different genres. It's only four buck's on bandcamp, and if you're a fan of halo and love good death metal this is for you.