Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Incinerated Divinity – Incinerated Divinity (2013)

Incinerated Divinity
Album:  Incinerated Divinity
Genre:  Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Ascension Of Flesh
2. Virulent Soul’s Delight
3. Tormented Ecstacy
4. Subliminal Infestation
5. Mechanically Separated
6. Sanctity Defiled

By far the best technical death metal upload in a while, especially considering that tech death is really my first love and there’s been precious little of it thrown up here lately.  Straight-up tech death for fans of Hideous Divinity, Desecravity, Decrepit Birth, Arkaik…and you get the idea.  Shred.

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