Friday, November 29, 2013

Polaris - Dichotomy (2013)

Artist: Polaris
Album: Dichotomy
Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Groove/Australiacore
1. In Memoria DI
2. Aspirations
3. Deliverance
4. The Undertow
5. In Parallel
6. Wherever I May Walk
I´m a little bit bored. Bored about the high-quality newcomers Australia drops. The australian youth don´t study or work. They all play in bands and making great music. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Plini/Sithu Aye - I (2013)

Artist: Plini/Sithu Aye
Album: I
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Experimental/Awesomeness

1. Plini - Orm
2. Plini - Rupture
3. Sithu Aye - Solstice
4. Sithu Aye - Moonrise

Okay. This is perfect. Two of my absolutely favorite musicicans on a Split together. Hell yeah.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Weight Lifted - Ezekiel (2013)

The Weight Lifted
Album: Ezekiel (Single)
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal

Track Listing:
1. Ezekiel

Download/Support/Preview (Bandcamp NYP)

This is their debut single, but they already have 5k+ likes on Facebook, so apparently this band is made up of members from a previously popular band. Instrumental songs often can't hold my attention but this is amazing.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Clément Belio - Heïa (2013)

Artist: Clément Belio
Album: Heïa 
Genre: Progressive Rock/Jazz/Experimental/Instrumental/Djent

1. En lisiére
2. Essence
3. Substance

This is simply amazing as shit. I was waiting for this since his first EP, and the second one is the new one on my EPOTY list....FUCK, THIS IS SO GOOD!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

From Sorrow To Serenity - Antithesis EP (2013)

Artist: From Sorrow To Serenity
Album: Antithesis EP
Genre: Groove/Progressive Deathcore

1. Antithesis
2. Synergy
3. Dead Reign
4. i9 (feat Gaz King of Nexilva)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arhideus – Awakening of Sins (2013)

Album:  Awakening Of Sins
Genre:  Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Scarlet Plague
2. Cursed Savior
3. Origin
4. Awakening
5. Sign From On High
6. Macabre Presage
7. Incarceration
8. Redemption

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($6.99)
Preview:  “Awakening”

These guys have some major Obscura & Soreption influence goin on…and dem fat basslines, mmmm.  Slick stuff!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ellipsis - Ancestral (2013)

Album: Ancestral (Single)
Genre: Progressive Metal/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Ancestral

Download/Support/Preview (Bandcamp NYP)

For fans of Erra, Sky Written, Anup Sastry, etc.

Amassing The Infinite – The Bridge (2013)

Amassing The Infinite
Album:  The Bridge
Genre:  Technical Deathcore/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Ghost
2. Lifeboat
3. Sickbrain
4. E-Day
5. The Bridge
6. Ode To Finality

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($6)

Australia doing what Australia does best – tearing their listeners a new collective asshole.  These guys have a vocalist that sounds like Shiv from Ovids Withering/7 Horns 7 Eyes at times, and their music sounds like The Stratagem, early Knights Of The Abyss, The Red Shore, some early TBDM, with more shredding.  Shitloads of melody though.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obsidian Kingdom – Mantiis (2012)

Obsidian Kingdom
Album:  Mantiis
Genre:  Progressive/Atmospheric Death Metal/Experimental

Track Listing:
1. Not Yet Five
2. Oncoming Dark
3. Through The Glass
4. Cinnamon Balls
5. The Nurse
6. Answers Revealing
7. Last Of The Light
8. Genteel To Mention
9. Awake Until Dawn
10. Haunts Of The Underworld
11. Endless Wall
12. Fingers In Anguish
13. Ball-Room
14. And Then It Was

Download (320kbps):  Zippy / Bandcamp
Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

So hey, remember how I fangirled about Black Crown Initiate and how they pretty much crossed all the genres I like to see?  These guys do the EXACT SAME THING, and it’s a full length!  They sound like a mixture of Black Crown Initiate, The Ocean, Between The Buried And Me, and Leprous….mmmm.  Metal Injection called them the “masters of every genre”, and after getting about ¾ of the way through this album, they aren’t kidding – SO MANY INFLUENCES.  Wish I'd known about this before making 2012's album of the year list!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Summon The Ancients - The Famine (2013)

Artist: Summon The Ancients
Album: The Famine
Genre: Technical Deathcore/Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Minus
3. Desolate Dreams
4. Society´s Decay
5. Visions
6. New Path
7. The Famine

This stuff is pure dope! Very evil vibe, awesome vocals and pure shredtastic!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Aeolist - Aeolist EP (2013) - Review

 Artist: Aoelist
Album: Aeolist
Genre: Progressive Metal

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

Since the release of their first single, "I", I´m fucking stoked for the first EP by the exceptional band Aeolist. This well written debut track had everything what you need for an awesome Modern Prog Metal sensation.

Founded 2 years ago in Norwich (UK), Aoelist prepared the selftitled debut EP for all of you who love intelligent progressive music. With their highly considered show at the UK Tech-Metal Fest, this band generated a strong fanbase for their eagerly-awaited debut EP. The artwork is made by Alex Pryle from Dead Crown Design, one of my favorite artists in this business. He also designed the covers for Plini, Point Below Zero, Goodthink or Bleeding Skies.
I will do a track-by-track review for this little masterpiece.

The first track, "I", released some months ago, starts with a Protest The Hero-like riff and tons of dynamic and energy. Passionate vocals, blasting drums alternate with groovy patterns, and the chaotic, but melodic riffing reminds of the the last BTBAM records. The first break comes along with a brilliant and little bit frantic Post Rock part. The whole song is characterized by dissonant leads and the amazing main riff. After some crazy White Walls memorial sweeps, the track leads back to the main theme.

"II" start with an epic odd rhythmic breakdown. The first part of the song is really chaotic and mathy, which progress a destroying energy. With the help of awesome chords, the track guide you to a phenomenal Jazz part, with an amazing solo. The remain of the song is a huge Between The Buried And Me hommage, with a guitar solo, which would make Paul Waggoner proud.

The third track, "III" is still in the BTBAM vibe, with every trademarks, which make Between The Buried And Me to such a magnificent band. The climax of the song is with no doubt the epic middle part and the harmonized guitar solo after it. The second solo is placed in a classic Prog Metal part and has some interesting phrases and voicings in there.

Last but not least, "IV". This over 11 minutes monster is the heart of the whole EP, and combines all the great attempts of Aeolist. Starting with this awesome clean intro, the song shows the whole potential of this band. Similar to some Post Rock bands, the track escalates to a overwhelming Post Metal journey a la Isis, but without forgetting their roots. My favorite part is the smoothy and bluesy solo, with so much emotion, so much intelligence, hand in hand. "IV is my favorite song of the EP. Word.

After listening to whole 29 minutes of this EP, I have only one point of criticism.
Too often I think about other bands, like Between The Buried And Me (!!!), Protest The Hero or Isis, especially in the last song. Which isn´t bad at all. But for the future, Aeolist need more individuality and some time to evolve their own personal style! But all things considered, this critique on a very high level.

So if you love progressive music, buy this shit! The release date is November 14th, and the record will be availabe through all the well-known platforms.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nightkin - Nox Æterna (2013)

Album: Nox Æterna
Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. The Presence
2. Abhorrent Rite of Unbinding
3. Nostalgic Infection
4. Undivine
5. Air So Foul
6. Rending and Reddening

Support: Bandcamp ($2)
Preview: "Abhorrent Rite of Unbinding"

Heavy, melodic, catchy blackened death for your ears. Featuring Mike "Gunface" McKenzie from The Red Chord and former member of The Black Dahlia Murder, this is something you don't wanna miss out.

Aethere - Demons (2013)

Artist: Aethere
Album: Demons
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Deathcore

1. Wave Existence
2. Fear
3. Misanthropy
4. Absence

EVVÌLLLLLL AS FUCK! Early The Faceless with a djenty touch. Awesome stuff!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Glorified! - The Faith Complex (2013)

Artist: Glorified
Album: The Faith Complex
Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Australiacore!

1. Of Lack And Letting Go
2. Momentary Cartography (feat Adam Warren of Oceano)
3. The Whitest Lie
4. Coalescence
5. Wayward Sparks
6. ...And Then The World Fell Silence

The next great band from Australia! Awesome Prog Metalcore with Melodic Hardcore feeling (especially the vocals). FFO: Northlane or Carcer City

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Raven Autarchy – Kaonashi (2013)

The Raven Autarchy
Album:  Kaonashi
Genre:  Technical/Progressive/Blackened (?) Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. False Dichotomy
2. Anomalous Design
3. Anzu
4. Harmony Of Contempt
5. Chronological Inconsistency
6. Epistemophobia
7. Accelerated Alteration
8. Kaonashi

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($9.45)

Another one of those sick bands that you guys come to DuckCore to find.  I absolutely HAD to buy this album, and you should too!  These guys take Dethrone The Sovereign’s sort of “The Human Abstract”-inflected brand of theatrical technical deathcore and make it WAY heavier.  Fucking awesome.

Behold The Desecration – Omnipresent Putrefaction (2013)

Behold The Desecration
Album:  Omnipresent Putrefaction
Genre:  Technical/Brutal Death Metal/Slam/Deathgrind

Track Listing:
1. Omnipresent Putrefaction
2. Plaguebearer
3. Of Ground Meat
4. Rejecting The Brood
5. Follow The Path
6. Cognizant Gates
7. Oracle’s Commandment
8. 12

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

HOLY FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!  I was captivated about 1 minute into the preview song, and this album never let go – my brains are SCRAMBLED.  Gigantic props to Jorge for showing me these guys – I think I might’ve just found another top EP for 2013!

These guys combine all the best elements of Abominable Putridity (minus the gurgles), Obscura, Necrophagist, Soreption, Diskreet, Deeds Of Flesh, and just…wow.

Move The Moon – Introduce To The Knowledge (2013)

Move The Moon
Album:  Introduce To The Knowledge
Genre:  Progressive Deathcore/Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. When Time Was Running
2. Clonation
3. All-Seeing Eye
4. Metabolism
5. Kaaba
6. Colonize Now!
7. When Time Will Nothing
8. When Time Was Running (Instrumental)
9. Clonation (Instrumental)
10. All-Seeing Eye (Instrumental)
11. Metabolism (Instrumental)
12. Kaaba (Instrumental)
13. Colonize Now! (Instrumental)
14. When Time Will Nothing (Instrumental)

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($4.99)

I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like FOREVER.  These guys don’t have a Facebook, but they sound like Russia’s take on old-school Sumeriancore.  For fans of After The Burial, Aristeia, Artifact Implication, Substructure, The Afterimage, Fail To Decay, Humanity’s Last Breath, Sequence Of Discord, Emissary, and Delta.  Headbang. 

Close To The Edge - The Reason, The Meaning (2013)

Artist: Close To The Edge
Album: The Reason, The Meaning
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent/Groove/Electronic

1. Monsters
2. Illusions
3. Memories
4. Eyes
5. Nightmares
6. Existence

Catchy and groovy stuff from Italy.

Stampkase - Mechanorganism (2013)

Artist: Stampkase
Album: Mechanorganism
Genre: Math Metal/Thrash Metal/Groove Metal

1. Dodge Fire 
2. Bipolarized
3. Blank Wound
4. Angular Plasma
5. Faded
6. Deja-Vu
7. Random Shot
8. Stamina
9. Scintilla
10. Mechanorganism
Fans of Mnemic and other Math/Thrash/Groove Metal stuff should definitely check this out!

The Big Jazz Duo - Of Imperishable Heroes (2013)

Artist: The Big Jazz Duo
Album: Of Imperishable Heroes
Genre: Progressive/Technical Deathcore

1. A Creed Built On Violence
2. Back To The Promised Land
3. Golgotha (Is This God Will?)
4. Cancer, Dancer

Very promising stuff from Italy!

Blood Of The Scribe - Rim Of The Cosmos (2013)

Artist: Blood Of The Scribe
Album: Rim Of The Cosmos
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

1. The Never Unearth
2. Rim Of The Cosmos
3. Of Vultures
I fucking love the Be´lakor moments in there!

The Last Days Of Mankind - Preserve (2013)

  Artist: The Last Days Of Mankind
Album: Preserve
Genre: Progressive Deathcore


    1. The Toil of Sisyphus
    2. Isolation (ft Moat Lowe)
    3. Observe
    4. Salt the Earth (ft Joe Howard)
    5. Now They See

The vocals aren´t that good, but the riffing and the grooves are gold!

Omega Diatribe - Iapetus (2013)

Artist: Omega Diatribe
Album: Iapetus
Genre: Math Metal/Groove Metal

1. Molecular Torsion
2. Luna Reliquit
3. Three Mystic Apes
4. Unshadowed Days
5. Eon Of Decay
6. Forty Minutes
7. Everlasting Connection
8. Stenosis
9. Visual Screaming
10. Runcation

Dark and gnarly Math Metal, with a little bit of an old school/early-Meshuggah-era feeling.