Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crypt Of Reason - Creation Of Despair (2013)

Crypt Of Reason
Album: Creation Of Despair
Genre: Doom Metal/Death Metal/Sludge

Track Listing:
1. Canvases
2. Eye of Abyss
3. Leaving Hope Behind

Download (320kbps)
Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview: "Leaving Hope Behind"

The bassist of Out Of Yesteryear's new album and I have been talking recently, turns out he knows some pretty sexy bands. Check these guys out, only 20 likes on facebook and they still released this crazy album (keep in mind: They most likely do have a VK account, but all of us Facebook users should help them blow up). The vocals of this band remind me of a more pissed off Shiv style from Ovdi and 7 hornets 7 guys (HA I'M FUNNY), and it's packed all together by threads of sorrow. The atmosphere is really dark throughout the whole EP and definitely keeps me craving for more. Give these guys a Like and pick up this phenomenal EP.

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