Monday, July 22, 2013

Black Crown Initiate – Song Of The Crippled Bull (2013)

Black Crown Initiate
Album:  Song Of The Crippled Bull
Genre:  Progressive/Atmospheric Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Stench Of The Iron Age
2. Ghosts She Sends
3. The Mountain Top
4. Song Of The Crippled Bull

Support:  Bandcamp ($3)

The preview song is fucking BRILLIANT, and I can tell you right now, none of the other songs sound like it – they each have vocals, but the title track was so good I had to include it.  If you loved the off-the-walls death metal stylings of Slice The Cake, Wretched, or The Bridal Procession, or the sludgy, lumbering style of Boreworm or Fallujah’s more atmospheric and less technical sections, definitely give BCI a chance.  They even sound kind of like Opeth or My Hollow at some points!  I don’t really know how else to describe them, but it’s pretty damn inspired stuff that’ll do more than keep you on your toes.  They absolutely earned themselves a fan!


  1. Man this is so awesome kinda refreshing.

  2. This is easily the best Ep this blog has posted in a LONG fucking time, my god. Delicious, delicious feels

    1. it definitely is. i barely come here anymore, because it's mostly shit. but damn I love me some black crown initiate


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