Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Boy Will Die – Revenge (2013)

The Boy Will Die
Album:  Revenge
Genre:  Deathcore/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. The Gates
2. Given To Filth
3. It Has Begun
4. Bannermen
5. Bury Yours
6. Welcome To District 13

Preview:  “Bury Yours”

This is the kind of deathcore that I like to hear – less concentration on “2brootz4u” chugging, more focus on riff-writing, sort of similar to great metalcore bands like Unearth, minus the clean sections!  I’d describe their sound as a mixture of As Blood Runs Black, Ocellus, As Shadows Collapse, and some older The Faceless.  They got MY money!

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