Friday, September 27, 2013

Drifter - In Search of Something More (2013)

Album: In Search of Something More
Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Revival
2. Home
3. R.D.H.P
4. Vigil
5. Vipers

Download (320kbps)
Support: (Bandcamp, NYP)
Preview: "Revival"

For fans of Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, A Static Lullaby, etc.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Krimh - Explore (2013)

Album: Explore
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Progressive Death Metal/Black Metal

1. The Oceans Darkness
2. Der Pestarzt
3. Pieces
4. Leaves
5. We Sleep In Skies
6. Linfen
7. Your Inner Self
8. Explore

This composing skills are phenomenal. Without crazy shredding, but with tons of great and haunting atmosphere, Krimh did one of the best instrumental records this year.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Them Suffer - Lord of Woe (REMASTERED Super DUBSTEP REMIXXXXXX(but not really)) 2013

Make Them Suffer
Genre: Symphonic Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Lord Of Woe

Download (192kbps)
Preview: "Lord Of Woe"

WARNING: I WAS LYING ABOUT THE "SUPER DUBSTEP REMIXXXXXX". Make Them Suffer released this monstrous track way back when on that Lord of Woe ep and now they are once again releasing it; this time for free ;). The song is back and completely remastered and it sounds pretty good.. for only being 192kbps. Honestly don't understand why it's such a low bitrate, BUT, even with the quality being a little disappointing, it still sounds sexy as fuck. Some of the only deathcore I still like. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Xehanort – Awaken In A Different Dimension (2013)

Album:  Awaken In A Different Dimension
Genre:  Progressive/Symphonic/Atmospheric Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Entry I:  The Unknown
2. Entry II:  Colossus
3. Entry III:  Wyvern
4. Entry IV:  Atronachs
5. Entry V:  Cerberus
6. Entry VI:  Susano’o
7. Entry VIII:  Heartless
8. Entry IX:  Nazgul
9. Entry X:  Baphomet
10. Entry XI:  Reprieve
11. Entry XII:  Discovery

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

Fuck I was so ready for this album.  Basically take all the intensely atmospheric, groovy elements of the great progressive deathcore bands you like (Make Them Suffer, Aristeia, Oscillator, The Contortionist, etc.), add an absolute monster behind the microphone, and blend it with all the right kinds of heavy. 

Upon A Broken Throne – You And What Army (2013)

Upon A Broken Throne
Album:  You And What Army
Genre:  Prog. Deathcore/Melodic Death Metal?

Track Listing:
1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Tides
3. My Wrath
4. Contrasts
5. Drop Dead Gorgeous
6. Genocidic
7. No Man’s Land
8. More Than Machine
9. Trenches
10. Legion (Feat. Mikhal)

I cannot really think of a single good “for fans of…” band that accurately describes these guys’ sound right now – the closest that come to mind are Abiogene and Lynchmada – they go from sounding like an archetypal deathdjent band, to blackened deathcore, to a progressive/melodic death metal band and a bunch in between.  Basically, if you enjoy a lot of the bands I post, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Altered Perceptions – Void (2013)

Altered Perceptions
Album:  Void
Genre:  Progressive/Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Void
2. Dark Matter
3. Cosmos
4. Manipulative Memories
5. Putrid Waste
6. Debris
7. Conspicuous
8. Decay
9. Portals
10. Last Stand

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($8.50)

These guys remind me a LOT of Delta, Megalodon and Emissary, with a little bit of Entities and Stories, and that is not a bad thing at all.  Heavy, bouncy fuckin grooves.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Josh's Top 50 Favorite Full-Length Albums Of All Time

Larger version here:

I'm not 100% happy with this list since I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but oh well.  These albums (FULL LENGTHS ONLY!) are categorized by both how emotionally-attached I am to each, and how good I think each album is.  As an example:  I realize that Lamb Of God's Ashes Of The Wake is not actually a better album than Boston's self-titled, Septic Flesh's Communion, or Between The Buried And Me's Colors, but since Ashes is an all-time classic by most metrics AND it basically got me into heavy/death metal in the first place, it's more near-and-dear to my heart and therefore got ranked higher.

Anyways, here it is, in no particular order.  DISCUSS.

Top 4:

Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I (Progressive/Avante-Garde Black/Death Metal)
Billy Joel - The Stranger (Pop/Classic Rock)
Matchbox 20 - Yourself Or Someone Like You (Alternative Rock)
Erra - Impulse (Progressive Metalcore)

Second-Tier Classics:

The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal (Melodic Death Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual (Melodic Death Metal)
Arsis - We Are The Nightmare (Technical/Melodic Death Metal)
Woe Of Tyrants - Kingdom Of Might (Melodic Death Metal/Thrash)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - In Step (Blues)
Necrophagist - Epitaph (Technical Death Metal)
Gorguts - Colored Sands (Blackened Death Metal)
Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom (Symphonic Deathcore)
Sylosis - Conclusion Of An Age (Thrash Metal/Metalcore)
The Human Abstract - Digital Veil (Progressive/Neoclassically-Influenced Metalcore)
Periphery - Periphery II (Progressive Metal/Djent)
Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt (Technical/Melodic Death Metal)
Slice The Cake - The Man With No Face (Progressive Death Metal)
Shadow Of The Colossus - Shadow Of The Colossus (Progressive Death Metal/Deathcore)
Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake (Heavy Metal/Groove Metal)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Skepsis (Deathcore/Death Metal)

Additional Favorites/Classics:

Sylosis – Edge Of The Earth (Progressive/Atmospheric Thrash Metal)
Tesseract – Altered State (Progressive Metal/Djent)
This Or The Apocalypse – Haunt What’s Left (Metalcore)
Revocation – Existence Is Futile (Thrash Metal)
Between The Buried And Me – Colors (Progressive/Experimental Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder – Unhallowed (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal)
Thy Art Is Murder – Hate (Deathcore)
Soreption – Deterioration Of Minds (Technical Death Metal/Groove)
Fleshwrought – Dementia/Dyslexia (Technical Death Metal/Jazz Fusion)
AC/DC – Back In Black (Classic Rock)
The Faceless – Planetary Duality (Technical/Progressive Death Metal)
Boston – Boston (Classic Rock)
Septic Flesh – Communion (Symphonic/Atmospheric Death Metal)
Hideous Divinity – Obeisance Rising (Technical Death Metal)
Sleep Serapis Sleep -  Pariah’s Vow (Metalcore)
Solipsist – The Human Equation (Groove Metal/Thrash/Metalcore)
Carach Angren – Where The Corpses Sink Forever (Symphonic Black Metal)
Lamb Of God – As The Palaces Burn (Heavy Metal/Groove Metal)
Fallujah – The Harvest Wombs (Progressive/Atmospheric/Technical Death Metal)
Shaded Enmity – Forsaken And Forgotten (Blackened/Melodic Death Metal)
Wretched – Exodus Of Autonomy (Melodic Death Metal/Thrash)
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth (Symphonic Death Metal)
Kreator – Enemy Of God (Thrash Metal)
I Am Abomination – Let The Future Tell The Truth (Technical Metalcore)
Decapitated – Nihility (Death Metal)
Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)
Periphery – Periphery (Progressive Metal/Djent)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV (Classic Rock)
Vital Remains – Dechristianize (Blackened Death Metal/FUCKING EVIL)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interruptio: 50 records for my infinite playlist

These are my 50 favorite records of all time in no particular order!
Maybe you find something interesting. I pick only one record per artist.
And I think I need to say: It´s MY list, my opinion. Don´t moan about stuff like: "Where is....?" or "Why the fuck did you pick that?" and so one.

A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory (1991)
Hip Hop

Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous (1982)
Jazz Fusion/Latin Jazz

As I Lay Dying - Frail Words Collapse (2003)

Avishai Cohen - Lyla (2003)

BT - This Binary Universe (2006)

Between The Buried And Me - Colors (2007)
Progressive Metal/Experimental

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing (1998, Reissue 2005, Cover of the reissue version)
Mathcore/Chaotic Hardcore

Cosmosquad - Acid Test (2007)
Instrumental Progressive Rock/Fusion

Cult Of Luna - Salvation (2004)
Post Metal

Cynic - Traced In Aor (2007)
Progressive Metal

Deftones - White Pony (2000)
Alternative Metal/Experimental/Progressive Rock

Fields Of Locust - Subtopia (2011)
Post Metal/Sludge

Frank Gambale - Thunder From Down Under (1990)
Jazz Fusion
Funeral Diner - The Underdark (2005)

God Is An Astronaut - Age Of The Fifth Sun (2010)
Post Rock
 Gravenhurst - Fire In Distant Buildings (2005)

Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes (2006)

Hypno5e  - Acid Mist Tomorrow (2012)
Post Metal/Progressive Metal/Math Metal

If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk (2006)
Post Rock

Ion Dissonance - Breathin Is Irrelevant (2003)

Isis - Panopticon (2004)
Post Metal/Progressive Metal)

Jedi Mind Trick - Violent By Design (2000)
Hip Hop

Karnivool - Sound Awake (2009)
Progressive Rock

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley (1994)
Stoner Rock

 Life Long Tragedy - Destined For Everything (2005)

Mastodon - Crack The Skye (2009)
Progressive Metal/Sludge

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Good Morning, Little School Girl (1994)
 Mobb Deep - The Infamous (1995)
Hip Hop

Necrophagist - Epitaph (2004)
Technical Death Metal

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (1971)

Norma Jean - Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child (2002)

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music (2003)
 Hip Hop/Jazz/Downtempo

Oceansize - Frames (2007)
Progressive Rock

[re:jazz]  - Infracom! Presents re:jazz (2002)

Rekevin - Nulukatuk (2006)
Trip Hop/Jazz

Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)
Progressive Rock

Shawn Lane - Power Of Ten (1992)

Son House - The Original Detal Blues (1998)

Symphony X - The Odyssey (2002)
Progressive Metal

Textures - Silhouettes (2008)
Progressive Metal/Math Metal

The Fall Of Troy - Doppelgänger (2005)
Progressive Rock/Post Hardcore

The Hirsch Effekt - Holon:Anamnesis (2012)
Progressive Metal/Mathcore/Progressive Rock/Experimental

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? (1967)
Blues Rock/Psychedelic Rock

The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath (2008)
Progressive Rock/Experimental 

The Ocean - Pelegial (2013)
Post Metal/Progressive Metal

The Safety Fire - Grind The Ocean (2012)
Progressive Metal

Toe - For Long Tomorrow (2009)
Post Rock/Math Rock

Tool - Lateralis (2001)
Progressive Rock/Art Rock

War From A Harlots Mouth - Transmetropolitan (2007)

Thanks for scrolling, duckling.