Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bring Me Solace – The Division Of Duality + The Sightless Inquisition (2013)

Bring Me Solace
Album:  The Sightless Inquisition
Genre:  Progressive/Atmospheric Metalcore

Track Listing “The Division Of Duality”:
1. The Division Of Duality – Higher Self
2. The Division Of Duality – Lower Self
3. The Division Of Duality – No Self

Track Listing “The Sightless Inquisition”:
1. Clouded Vision
2. Alterception (Instrumental)
3. On The Inside
4. Wisp
5. Façade Of Lies
6. The Sightless Inquisition (feat. Brandon Davis, ex Across The Sun)

Download (320kbps):  Bandcamp / Zippy
Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

Surprise!  Bring Me Solace’s final effort is actually TWO releases!  Put this up next to Auras and Entities for the progressive metalcore EP of the year.  Yeah, Bring Me Solace are THAT good…or should I say “were”, these will be their final releases :(  Outrageously beautiful, passionate compositions with some whimsical atmosphere that has some definite Erra feel to it!  Their previous EP “Nomadic Refuge” earned a very high placement on my countdown in 2011, at least one of these will DEFINITELY be doing the same this year. 

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  1. Fuck I thought these guys were dead after "Nomadic Refuge"! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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