Monday, July 8, 2013

Kin Beneath Chorus – Futuristic.Composed (2013)

Kin Beneath Chorus
Album:  Futuristic.Composed
Genre:  (Tech.) Deathcore/Groove Metal

Track Listing:
1. Nothing Is Sacred
2. Beyond The Dynamic
3. Futuristic Composed
4. Greetings Atrocity
5. In Parallel Vol. 72
6. Split-Screen
7. Road To Bloodshed
8. Lavish And Ungrateful
9. Within The Goddess Junkyard
10. Voice Of Truth
11. Memento Mori

Support:  BigCartel ($12.83)

I’ve been meaning to post this album for quite some time, because these guys have a really unique thing going on; more intricate riffs and song structures than you’d expect from this sort of band.  While a lot of the songs on the album sound kind of the same, I’ve still gotten two pretty fun listens out of “Futuristic Composed”.  KBC kind of sound like a fusion of Within The Ruins’ style of shredding, Depths Of Hatred-ish grooves, Your Chance To Die (except way more complex drumming) ish riffs, early The Faceless, Nexilva, and some Veil of Maya for good measure.  Check out our buddy Connor’s 9/10 review over at The New Transcendence HERE.  Unfortunately, this album is only available for order in physical copy…I’ve asked the band to put up a digital purchase for some time, but they haven’t gotten back to me :(

PS:  Watch for an update to this post, I'm going to ask the band if I can post it for download on here...


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