Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coastal Break - Passages (2014)

Artist: Coastal Break
Album: Passages
Genre: Ambient/Djent/Melodic Metal/Instrumental

Track Listing:
1. Passages
2. Interlude
3. A Means To An End
4. The Distant
5. Daylight (Matt&Kim cover)

Support: Bandcamp($2)

There's something about coastal break that I connect with on an emotional level, you can tell it's written with heart, and soul. Beautiful ambiance, killer Djenty tone/riffage, all around just killer instrumental work. It's 2 bucks, and that's a good price for such a beautiful instrumental album. Buy it, rock it, throw em a like on Facebook, and enjoy..

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodthink - Interim (2014)

Interim cover art

Album: Interim
Genre: Ambient//Post/Math/Instrumental/Metal

Track Listing:
1. Would've
2. Particular
3. Snowfall
4. Oil On Canvas

Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview: "Snowfall"

This album has a lot of different vibes within it, and each one is really cool. Very math-y at parts, post-metal at others. You'll hear some shoegaze, even prog riffs, and beautiful ambiance throughout. I highly recommend listening to this album.

Acirema - American Nightmare (2009)

American Nightmare cover art

Album: American Nightmare
Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Retribution Through Blood
2. Good Old Fashioned Passionate Ass Thrashin'
3. Wield the Axe and Sever the Head of Hypocrisy
4. The Ghost You've Become
5. To The Death
6. Leaving Home for Hell
7. The Devil's Work
8. Plague of the Earth

Bandcamp ($8)
Preview: The Ghost You've Become

This is album has some serious late-2000's metalcore vibes, in a good way. I'd say it's most comparable to As Blood Runs Black's Allegiance album. Check it!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Forty Winters - Isolation (2013)

Isolation cover art

Forty Winters
Album: Isolation
Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. The Darkening
2. Return To Earth
3. Isolate

Bandcamp (NYP)

Here's a heavy ass band.

Shokran - Supreme Truth (2014)

 Artist: Shokran
Album: Supreme Truth
Genre: Progressive Deathcore

1. Interlude
2. Pray The Martyr
3. Ghost Ruins
4. Memories (feat. Sergey Oficerov from The Jackals)
5. Charon
6. Collapses
7. Original Sin
8. Crotalus
9. The Right To Sorrow
10. In Theatre Of Illusions
11. Supreme Truth
12. Sands Of Time
13. Punishment
14. Dark Desert
15. The New Battalions


 Stream and Purchase (4,99 $) via Bandcamp

 I really like this blend of hard-hitting grooves, brutal vocals, BOO-like synths and this whole arabic/oriental vibe. Highly anticipated record, and no letdown here. Awesome record!

Shades Of Black - Ocean (2014)

Artist: Shades Of Black
Album: Ocean
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Groove

1. The Scorpion King
2. The Habitual
3. To Colossus
4. Samurai Sunrise
5. The Secret Council
6. Impending Circumstances
7. Face Of The Skies
8. The Sacred Union
9. Brohemoth
10. Ocean

No words for this. Just brilliant.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Illudria - Sentient (2014)

Album: Sentient
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Track Listing:
1.Savoy Ballroom
2.The Prime Meridian
4.Sleep Walking
5.House Of Cards
7.Cognitive Dissonance

Support: Bandcamp ($10) 

Wow. I've only listened to the first track so far, but I had to post this. I can already tell it's something special. For fans of The Human Abstract, Between the Buried and Me, and Art By Numbers.

Kythera - Chosen (2014)

Artist: Kythera
Album: Chosen
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Deathcore/Metal

Track Listing:
1. Phrenic Dissonance
2. Virtue
3. Somber Reveries
4. System Of Deception
5. Sleeper
6. Chosen
7. A Grand Illusion

Support: Bandcamp($5)

So this little gem is badass. Awesome technical riffage, great vocals, sound construction, and all around good metal. Pick this up, it's worth every penny.

Existential Animals - Mriga (2014)

Existential Animals
Album: Mriga
Genre: Instrumental Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Stalked Vestige
2. Brace
3. Traglodon
4. The Road and the World

Download (320 kbps) Zippy
Support: Bandcamp (NYP)

My bud Zach from Wings Denied introduced me to this band, and boy, so glad he did! This guys merge some crazy technical stuff with progressive grooves and it sounds just amazing. Even though it sounds a bit rough, it just adds up a little something extra to it. Can't wait to here more from this project!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anup Sastry – Lion (2014)

Anup Sastry
Album:  Lion
Genre:  Progressive Metal/GROOVE/Funk

Track Listing:
1. Nemesis
2. Lion (feat. Jakup Zytecki)
3. Thousands
4. Free Fall

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview:  “Nemesis”

The intro groove in the preview song is one of my favorite things EVER, holy shit.  As many of you know, Anup does drums for Intervals, Jeff Loomis, Skyharbor, and probably a couple other bands I’m missing.  Homeboy has rhythm for MILES.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Divinex - Movement (2014)

Album: Movement
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal

Track Listing:
1. Audio Addiction
2. Drift Away
3. Transcendence
4. Event Horizon

Support: (Bandcamp, $5)

Instrumental prog goodness for fans of Between the Buried and Me, Intervals and such. Filled with sweet flows and grooves to make you drool all over.

Anewabyss - Dreading My Thoughts (2014)

Artist: Anewabyss
Album: Dreading My Thoughts
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Progressive Death Metal/Jazz
1 Sypher
2. System Meltdown
3. Insperion
4. Doppelgänger Theater 
5. Whirlwind

These clean parts....these clean parts are so fucking beautiful.

Existem - Phoenix (2014)

Artist: Existem
Album: Phoenix
Genre: Progressive Metal
1. Epitaph
2. Phoenix
3. Memento Mori
4. Above Or Below
Absolutely amazing stuff. These guys deserve way more attention, very unique blend of modern Progressive Metal.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Satellites on Parade - Miles (2013)

Satellites on Parade
Album: Miles
Genre: Post Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Release the Hounds
2. Montoneros
3. Water, Sun & Holy Coast
4. Argentavis
5. Miles

Support: (Bandcamp, $5)
Preview: "Release The Hounds"

I don't know how many of you listen to post hardcore, but trust me and try this. It's not the kind with whiney feminine male vocals. I found these guys by chance when they promoted themselves on Reddit, and I was amazed at how few Facebook likes they have. They're unsigned but the production and songwriting is top notch. I think they'll be big given some time, they definitely deserve it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Separatist – Motionless (2014)

Album:  Motionless
Genre:  Progressive/Blackened/Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Prelude
2. The Reprieve
3. Plagues
4. A Gentle Reminder
5. Anaclasis
6. Untitled
7. In Dissonant Silence I:  Censura
8. In Dissonant Silence Ii:  Decessus
9. The Earth Defiled
10. I Despise
11. Like Shattered Stars
12. The Harvest

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview:  “The Reprieve”

How in the fuck have I never heard of this band?  They sound SORT of like a more brutal version of “Akeldama”-era The Faceless, at least in my opinion.  Exactly what I’m looking for in my technical/blackened deathcore.  Spine-crushingly heavy, blisteringly fast-paced, technical, groovy, and pretty well-produced.  GRIM.  Apparently these guys came out with another album on the same day, which was already posted on our blog HERE.  Snag them both for free!

An Autumn For Crippled Children – try not to destroy everything you love (2013)

An Autumn For Crippled Children
Album:  try not to destroy everything you love
Genre:  Atmospheric/Post Black Metal/Shoegaze

Track Listing:
1. autumn again
2. the woods are on fire
3. never complete
4. try not to destroy everything you love
5. hearts of light
6. sepia mountains for her lament
7. closer
8. avoiding winter
9. starlit spirits

Support:  Bandcamp ($6.80)
Preview:  “autumn again”

Really different from my usual fare, but move over, deafheaven – There’s a new sheriff in town.  I don’t even like deafheaven’s style of shoegaze/post-black metal, but this is OUTSTANDING.  So beautiful, atmospheric, and thoroughly immersive.  Probably one of my most-jammed albums of the past couple months!  Don’t believe me?  Heavyblog gave this album a stellar 4.5/5 review a while back :)

Xenomorphic Contamination – Chasm of No Return (2014)

Xenomorphic Contamination
Album:  Chasm of No Return
Genre:  Technical/Brutal Deathcore/Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Metamorphic Oblivion
2. Descent of Unearthly Hate
3. Biomechanical Retaliation
4. Alien Deception

Support:  Bandcamp ($5.44)

Fucking AWESOME tunes!  These guys sound like Abominable Putridity meets early Thy Art Is Murder, unngghhh.  Also kind of in the vein of Behold The Desecration, who put out one of my favorite EP’s of last year (ever?).  DO NOT MISS THIS.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Am Waves - Bella Monte (2012)

Bella Monte EP cover art

I Am Waves
Album: Bella Monte
Genre: Post Hardcore/Experimental

Track Listing:
1. Distance Between
2. Rule Another Day
3. Bella Monte
4. Circa

Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview: "Bella Monte"

This isn't a typical Duckcore post, but it's something that you all need to hear. This ep is chock of full beautiful melodies, wacky song structures, ridiculously tasteful guitar work, and even some math rock goodness. The band is no longer together, but this begs to be heard by loads of people. Don't fuck up.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Mothman Prophecies - The Fallen Crown (2014)

Artist: The Mothman Prophecies
Album: The Fallen Crown
Genre: Deathcore/Groove
1. Age Of Terror
2. The Fallen Crown
3. Scorched Land
Very solid stuff, not very original but heavy and groovy!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Separatist - Closure (2014)

Album: Closure
Genre: Progressive/Blackened/Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Monuments
2. Isolation
3. Ω
4. Deluge Arterial
5. Carrier
6. Immersion
7. Void
8. Altars
9. Closure

Support: Bandcamp (NYP)

Banging, crushing awesomeness! Haven't heard anything like this in quite a while now! Proggy, techy insanity that will for sure make you change your pants!!!

Grim State - Illness (2013)

Illness cover art

Grim State
Album: Illness
Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Insanity
2. Volatile
3. Unstable
4. Absent
5. Illness
6. Torn
7. Dream
8. Madness

Preview/Support/Download: Bandcamp ($8)

This album is really cool in the sense that it meshes straight up hardcore and death metal beautifully, and without sounding "metalcore" in the slightest. Definitely a solid listen. Check it out!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meridian - Reformation (2013)

Reformation cover art

Album: Reformation
Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Conscience
2. Mother
3. Enemies
4. Misery
5. Reflection
6. Father
7. Hollow
8. Reformation

Bandcamp ($5)
Support: Bigcartel
Preview: "Father"

This is some really emotive melodic hardcore right. The melodies, song writing, and vocalist are all on point. Not to mention it gets heavy when it needs to. Oh, and the singer has the voice of a freaking angel. Seriously, if you are a fan of goosebumps or just melodic music in general you NEED to get on this. Side note: this band just signed to Victory Records, so expect them to blow up really soon.

Witch Ripper - _ (2014)

Artist: Witch Ripper
Album: _
Genre: Doom Metal/Progressive Metal
1. Space Debris
2. Hydra
3. Ice Wizard
4. Queen Of The Green

The perfect meshup between rough and sludgy Neurosis-esque parts and progressive/stoner Mastodon-esque parts. 
For all of you who wait for a new Mastodon release, this is the right one.

Lionfight - Lionfight EP (2014)

Artist: Lionfight
Album: Lionfight EP
Genre: Djent/Groove Metal
1. Vortex
2. Fake Friend
3. Uncle Ben
4. Wrightwood
5. Vine
 Very catchy stuff. The vocalist reminds me a lot of Chris Baretto, and they have some awesome funky grooves.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Auric - Auric (2014)

Auric cover art

Album: Auric
Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal/Crust

Track Listing:
1. Abject
2. Black Rivers
3. Abrasion
4. Among The Refuse
5. Swept And Swallowed
6. In Memory

Download: Bandcamp ($5)
Preview: "Among The Refuse"

I'm not usually into this kind of stuff, but this is some extremely well executed sludgy, doom-y, crusty, METAL. The vocals are very black metal, which adds another really cool element to the band for me. Buy this shit, or at least stream it on Bandcamp.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cycles - Enceladus (2014)

Enceladus cover art

Album: Enceladus
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Completion
2. The Offer
3. Enceladus
4. Drifting

Download: Bandcamp ($6)
Support: Bigcartel
Preview: "Drifting"

SUPER cool proggy metalcore band right here. Premiered through our dude at BeheadingTheTraitor, so you know it's gunna be good. Great atmosphere, good vocals, groovy, and heavy when it needs to be. Support these guys!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polygons - Rifts (2014)

Artist: Polygons
Album: Rifts
 Genre: Progressive Metal/Ambient/Djent

Track Listing:
1. The Flood
2. Fracture
3. Celestial imbalance
4. Rifts
5. Collapse

Download: "Bandcamp"
Support: "Bandcamp(NYP)"

This is some pretty good prog/djent haha. Full of ambiance, killer prog riffage, and good vocals, it's super well rounded. Now there's some clean singing in this, but don't let that discourage you because they're good with the structure of the songs. This is free on bandcamp which is crazy because it's really good, but if your into it and feel generous, then throw em something and enjoy.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tria Mera - Extinction (2014)

Artist: Tria Mera
Album: extinction
Genre: Heavy Metal/Melodic Metal

Track Listing:
1. Requiem
2. The Sacrifice
3. Severance
4. The Solace Of Tomorrow
5. Illusions
6. Waiting For Destruction

Download: Bandcamp
Support: Bandcamp(NYP)

So this is a little outside of my normal genre's, but its actually really good. Great heaviness, Strong vocals, kinda makes me feel like im going to battle, idk that's just me haha. It's free on bandcamp but if  you got it and wanna throw some they're way, then definitely do it..

Methiums - Methiums (2014)

Artist: Methiums
Album: Methiums
Genre: Progressive Metal/Instrumental

track Listing:
1. Buster Rancher
2. Bouyanci
3. Effluvium
4. Nelipot
5. Dank (Bonus Track)

Download: Bandcamp
Support: Bandcamp(NYP)

This is some cathcy stuff right here. A little bit of inervalish riffage with some really good prog influence behind it. I believe he has somewhere around 32 likes on Facebook because this is really good. It's free on bandcamp but its worth so much more than that. Download it, buy it, give him a like on facebook, and enjoy.

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