Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ForTiorl - Reflection (2014)

Artist: ForTiorl
Album: Reflection
Genre: Djent/Ambient/Progressive

1. Cassandra: Corrode
2. Cassandra: Prophecy
3. Cassandra: Animate
4. Dissent: Persecute
5. Dissent: The Fight
6. Dissent: Heretic
7. Anamnesis: Remember
8. Anamnesis: Serenity
9. Anamnesis: Rebirth
10. Afterworld; Awaken
11. Afterworld: Transform
12. Afterworld: Arrival


This is pretty good, it's also pretty mellow. It starts out heavy and progresses into a more melodic state, which is pretty cool and easy to listen to. There's ton's of feel's in this, and definitely worth downloading.