Friday, May 31, 2013

Polygraphist - Misnomer (2013)

Artist: Polygraphist
Album: Misnomer
Genre: Mathcore/Progressive Deathcore

1. Misnomer
2. An Genius
3. In Triplicate
4. Waterman Butterfly Projection
5. Widdershins
6. Solipsism
7. French Canadian Machines
8. Stepped On Moustache
9. Fortunately, I Keep My Feathers Numbered...
10. Swarm Pt. II
11. Knock's Boxes
12. Lichtenberg Scars

Download (via Bandcamp)

Preview: Fortunately, I Keep My Feathers Numbered...

This is the vocal version of the 2012 release of Misnomer. Groovy and chaotic Deathcore with fucked up vocals.   

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