Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monotheist – Genesis of Perdition (2013)

Album:  Genesis of Perdition
Genre:  Progressive Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Genesis Of Perdition (Prelude)
2. Subzero
3. Elegy Of The Sleepwalkers
4. Feeding On Pestilence
5. Altar Of Vanity
6. The Great Awakening

Support:  Bandcamp ($6)

Outstanding American progressive death metal from (where else?) Florida!  Plenty of black metal atmosphere to wrap your head around, and their vocalist is actually JJ Polachek from Ovid’s Withering & 7 Horns 7 Eyes (plenty of that gloomy 7H7E sound in there too), so you know the growls are going to be insane.  Buy it if you can bbys, otherwise this album is just so good I’m posting the streaming link on here!


  1. The link you gave is totally just to the bandcamp which you still have to pay for.

  2. And supporting a band by giving them a few bucks is bad how? Not all albums they post are going to be free.


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