Monday, May 20, 2013

Nexilva – The Trials Of Mankind (2010)

Album:  The Trials of Mankind
Genre:  Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. In Purgatory
2. Aegri Somnia
3. Stillborn
4. The Trials Of Mankind
5. Dark Fissure
6. In Hell We Stand
7. Black Sea Of Trees
8. Secret Of Aokigahara
9. Price For Existence
10. Through The Cocytus

Preview:  “Stillborn”

One of the UK’s best deathcore bands – take Shame Of Kali and mix it with The Seraphim Veil and you’ll get this album.  They changed a *LOT* for their new full length album, coming soon (preview HERE), moving more towards an atmospheric/symphonic deathcore style like Make Them Suffer, but this album is a little more heavy and straight-up.  It was on my most-played list in 2010 :)  Unfortunately only 160kbps copies of this album are available – even the band themselves don’t have better quality.


  1. I'm pretty sure they stole the man on their album cover from the band Hideous Miscreation.

    1. Same guy, but I don't know if they stole it.


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