Saturday, May 4, 2013

Terror Eyes - Catoptrics (2012)

   Artist: Terror Eyes
Album: Catoptrics
Genre: Progressive Metal/Experimental

1. Intervallic Brethren
2. Dodecahedra
3. Catoptrics
4. Euclid
5. Self-Immolation
6. Chromatic Aberration
7. Lucid

Download (via Bandcamp)

Preview: Chromatic Aberration

Phenomenal. This band is now active under the name "The Omega Man", I posted a new song today on Facebook. They released an EP, called "Rebirth" last month, and it´s so fucking good. Catoptrics is one of these underground jewels, such high quality, such great ideas. Download this shit and buy the new EP on Bandcamp.

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