Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Omega Man – Rebirth (2013)

The Omega Man
Album:  Rebirth
Genre:  Experimental Metal(core)/Math/Jazz Fusion

Track Listing:
1. The Rise of Apollo:  Ascension
2. The Rise of Apollo:  Descension
3. The Progenitor’s Debate
4. Rebirth

Support:  Bandcamp ($4)

All you prog nuts will love this.  Highly enjoyable, spacey-feeling, ethereal progressive/experimental metal with an on-your-toes element a la The Odious & Between The Buried and Me, strutting, funky jazz sections, and some –core-ish breakdowns grooves.  The ten-minute long first track is a journey to say the least, especially those last two minutes -- dat bassline!  Plus, they only have 365 likes on facebook…straighten that out, and support them by purchasing the album if you can <3

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