Monday, March 18, 2013

Silent Difference - Belial (2012)

Silent Difference
Album: Belial
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Japan
Band's Website

Track Listing:
1. Tossed One
2. Regulated Suicide Dogma
3. Diabolic Filth
4. Virtual Image Of Decay
5. Left Behind
6. Riverside View
7. Ashes Poured Into Seven Insult, Smile Just Like Vomiting
8. Crimson Dust
9. Belial
10. Vengeance From Dark -Unplugged Version-

Download (VBR)
Support: Website ($10)
Preview: "Vengeance From The Dark -Unplugged Version-" "Belial" "Crimson Dust"

Well this band is different.. The vocals are a bit odd, but the cleans are really strong (Check out Crimson Dust). I really enjoy the guitar and the arrangement of the songs. It sounds a bit like Dir En Grey and just a warning *This is in Japanese*. Also the song names are very poorly translated from Japanese.

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  1. i've recently been checking out some of these new japanese melodeath bands and one that's really grabbed my attention is Keinoaza's - Scapegoat. It mixes voaloid vocals with actual female and male screams and singing, has some really nasty heavy moments alongside very melodic ones with elements of electronica. songwriting is quite excellent as well. check it out and possibly post it for others if you can


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