Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kleos - Dying Prayer (2013)

Artist: Kleos
Album: Dying Prayer
Genre: Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Country: USA

Track List:

1. Get Your Ass To Mars
2. Reconcile
3. Accidental Incidents
4. Endless Nightmare
5. Take to the Sky
6. War of Ideals
7. Losing Control
8. All Heroes Die
9. Dying Prayer


Preview: Reconcile

Ok for this version of Duckcore I will only be providing bandcamp links and if the albums free, a download. If you dont wanna buy what I post, well use torrents or getmetal. I cant stop ya, nor am I saying its wrong. I just dont want duckcore being shut down again

So to start off my first post, I decided to showcase these beasts. Kleos is just how I like my Proggy Death Metal, fast hard hitting and amazing guitar work that at certain moments, gives a very soothing feel while ripping your face off at the same time. These guys also throw in a good dose of melodic structure that seems to be the backing of their style and its done very well. Oh and them damn amazing solos are fucking tight as shit! The vocals are spot on for this style of DM and the lyrics are pretty fucking sweet. If you dig this shit, help these dudes out! They deserve it.

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