Thursday, March 28, 2013

Godless Crusade – Dawn of the Last Day (2007)

Godless Crusade
Album:  Dawn of the Last Day
Genre:  Blackened/Technical Deathcore/Melodeath

Track Listing:
1. My Fellow of Solitude
2. First Ray of the Last Sun
3. Indulgence
4. Extinction
5. Cinder of Your Wings
6. Love Lost
7. The Question
8. Blood Red Moon
9. This Night Will Last Forever

Support:  iTunes ($7.99)
Preview:  “Indulgence”

Are you hurting for The Black Dahlia Murder to put out another record like “Unhallowed” or “Nocturnal”, or even new At The Throne of Judgment?!  WELL, HERE YOU GO.  So much melody, so many technical & catchy riffs channeled into such an evil package!  It is SUCH a shame these guys broke up, god damn.  They could’ve been huge.  This album is a classic, can’t believe I forgot about them!  \m/


  1. Fuck this is good! Definitely hear ATTOJ in there. Amazed I'd never hard of them before

  2. Good stuff!! Where's track#2?

  3. idk what it is but BLOOD RED MOON gets me everytime man.


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