Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Save Us From The Archon – Some Things We Carry, Always (2013)

Save Us From The Archon
Album:  Some Things We Carry, Always
Genre:  Prog/Experimental Metal/Instrumental/ Beauty

Track Listing:
1. if you understood me, the roots would have grown
2. you’ve drifted so far (an expanse behind)
3. brightness will bloom from the seeds that you’ve sown
4. days lengthen without sunlight (if only in my mind)
5. someday you’ll remember;  I carried you, always

Support:  Bandcamp ($2)

One of the best instrumental bands out there, having a uniquely creative sound like none I’ve heard elsewhere.  SUFTA are actually the only instrumental group to ever make an album of the year list of mine, last year (which, by the way, was a tough-as-hell year for all albums, let alone instrumentals).  Even though they gave me permission to post this, please, please chip $2 to these guys for writing music that just makes you feel good, for a change <3


  1. Pelican will ALWAYS remain #1 for me.

  2. for this, it seems like they squeezed in alot of music into such little time frame. it is well constructed. most instrumental bands elongate their tracks to give a "feeling" to it. or a meaning to make up from your own imagination. like explosions in the sky, you can listen to a track and it can somehow always relate to something going on in your life. it has a lot of heart to it. (all but Take Care, Take Care, Take Care"

    1. Well said brother! I'll have to check out Pelican after that.

      But these guys get me all emotional too haha

  3. A Couple bands come to mind hearing this Asura Crying and Chon .These guys aer really good too.

  4. thank you so much for showing me these guys... i am in love


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