Friday, March 1, 2013

Being – Arrival (2013)

Album:  Arrival
Genre:  Progressive/ “Cosmic” Rock

Track Listing:
1. CoSM
2. Cosmonaut
3. DNA
4. A Glorious Dawn (Symphony of Science cover)
5. Story for a Muse
6. A Part, Apart
7. Perpetual Groove
8. Arcane Academic
9. Escape
10. Sorrow
11. The Singularity (Terrans I)
12. The Singularity (Terrans II)

Another OUTRAGEOUSLY different-sounding album from what you’re used to seeing posted by me!  I have an unreasonable amount of love for this band – nobody’s been able to duplicate the airy, floating feeling their music gives me.   But don’t worry, there’s plenty of groove to go around!  “Arrival” was actually mixed and mastered by Casey Sabol and Misha from Periphery, so it sounds crisp, clean, and clear as fuck.  Cannot wait for their upcoming full-length…it has a concept very similar to that of BTBAM’s “Parallax II”, but trust me, these guys more than hold their own at storytelling and atmosphere.  Let yourself be carried away by Being.  You can listen to a preview of their new full length, featuring Spencer Sotelo from Periphery HERE.  Just peep that scream at 1:54, dear lord.

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