Monday, June 10, 2013

Shaded Enmity – Forsaken And Forgotten (2013)

Shaded Enmity
Album:  Forsaken And Forgotten
Genre:  Progressive/Blackened/Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. We Are The Forsaken, We Are The Forgotten
2. This Is Federal
3. Sadness In Summer Rain
4. No Puedo Dormer
5. If Heaven’s Gates Are Closed, Will You Wait For Me?
6. And Life Was Great….
7. What Have You Done, Oxycontin?
8. Indica Dreams
9. It Only Hurts In December
10. Prophecies And Pain
11. They Were Only Children [The Touch Of Perversion]
12. Alleviant Sativa

Support:  Pre-order ($10)

As you guys know, I’m a complete and total sucker for bands that know how to compose an album and weave atmosphere so as to totally immerse you in a particular vibe they’re trying to create.  Seattle’s Shaded Enmity does JUST that.  Much like Ne Obliviscaris’ “Portal Of I” last year, “Forsaken And Forgotten” is one of those albums that simply changed my perception of what death metal music could be.

Don't let the “blackened” tag throw you off either – this album is positively uplifting and inspirational, and intensely emotional and passionate throughout, even during the extraordinarily well-written ambient tracks (numbers 1, 8, and 12).  As you can see from the first preview track, it is also played with such talent and conviction that you’ll be left in a stupor by the time the record is finished playing.  The production/mixing is outstanding – every instrument, including the bass and especially the drums (which are INCREDIBLE, by the way), come through sounding crystal clear, and as is seldom the case, I cannot think of a single thing I’d change in this respect.

All this said/raved about, even being The Black Dahlia Murder fanboy that I am, “Forsaken And Forgotten” surpasses “Everblack” as my top contender for album of the year.  Fuck, I’m an unemployed Master of Science at the moment and I even spent $10 to buy the album, and being one of the first 200 to preorder, I was rewarded with an advance download of the album.  Shaded Enmity has truly achieved something here.  Do not make the mistake of letting yourself miss this album – please pay $10 to help them out by preordering.  You won’t be disappointed!


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