Friday, June 28, 2013

Abide - Anthology (2013)

Artist: Abide
Album: Anthology
Genre: Harcore/Groove Metal/Progressive Metalcore

A Higher Standard EP 2011
1. Season
2. Divisions
3. In The Face Of Lions
4. Goodnight
5. End of The Rope
6. A Higher Standard
Singles 2012
7. No Coming Back
8. Trials
Spectrum EP 2012
9. Something More
10. Vital Signs
11. Emanate
12. Relinquish
Single 2013
13. Revision
Abide has broke up this year and release an anthology of all their songs. Such catchy and great tunes, and you can see what a great progress a band can make in songwriting. Probs to L@lalalalalalalalalalalah for posting this on the cbox!

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