Tuesday, June 4, 2013

littledidweknow - Lucid Happenings (2013)

Album: Lucid Happenings
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. I Am Robot Machine
2. Pirt Aivlas
3. Magmarilloatia In Tabor City
4. The Most Dishonorable Person I Have Ever Known
5. Toothless Trance Tells Us About The Beauty Of Indecipherability
6. I Couldn't've Beaten You Up Like This When I Was A Baby
7. There Will Be No Peace Until One Or Both Of Us Are Dead
8. It's Just A Circle And You Are A Dog
9. Adventure At The Mucus Factory
10. Candy-Coated-Sugar-Coma
11. You Can Either Quiet Down Or I Can Smash You In The Face Again
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Preview: "I Am Robot Machine"

From a city where metal scene is little to none, this guys really know what they're doing. Catchy, brain-drilling riffs, plenty of stuff to headbang and f*ck everything around the place. Definitely worth a listen!


  1. Jorge, if you want i can upload this with a 320kbps link.

  2. If you got the link Travis, do so :)

  3. Hey I am friends with this band and I can tell you for a fact they don't fucking appreciate you putting it up here for free in a zippyshare. Expect a cease and desist from the band soon. I'm serious. This is not cool. I know their situation, they paid a shitload of their own money to record it, and quite a bit for the art as well. Not cool.

    1. I actually talked to the band about posting this.. I know this is very late, but they said they were fine with it.


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