Tuesday, June 4, 2013

littledidweknow - Lucid Happenings (2013)

Album: Lucid Happenings
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. I Am Robot Machine
2. Pirt Aivlas
3. Magmarilloatia In Tabor City
4. The Most Dishonorable Person I Have Ever Known
5. Toothless Trance Tells Us About The Beauty Of Indecipherability
6. I Couldn't've Beaten You Up Like This When I Was A Baby
7. There Will Be No Peace Until One Or Both Of Us Are Dead
8. It's Just A Circle And You Are A Dog
9. Adventure At The Mucus Factory
10. Candy-Coated-Sugar-Coma
11. You Can Either Quiet Down Or I Can Smash You In The Face Again
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Preview: "I Am Robot Machine"

From a city where metal scene is little to none, this guys really know what they're doing. Catchy, brain-drilling riffs, plenty of stuff to headbang and f*ck everything around the place. Definitely worth a listen!


  1. yea these dudes are fuckin sick!! i seen em in louisville KY. a few times and in my hometown of Madison IN. they are brutal as all fuck!! check em out they sound alot like Burning the Massacre and they will fuck you right in your EAR PUSSYS!!

  2. Jorge, if you want i can upload this with a 320kbps link.

  3. If you got the link Travis, do so :)

  4. Hey I am friends with this band and I can tell you for a fact they don't fucking appreciate you putting it up here for free in a zippyshare. Expect a cease and desist from the band soon. I'm serious. This is not cool. I know their situation, they paid a shitload of their own money to record it, and quite a bit for the art as well. Not cool.

    1. I actually talked to the band about posting this.. I know this is very late, but they said they were fine with it.


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