Friday, August 24, 2012

Wide Eyes – Volume (2012)

Wide Eyes
Album:  Volume
Genre:  Prog. Metal/Djent/Instrumental

Track Listing:
1. Inception
2. Genie
3. Hah!
4. Sighborg
5. Eskalofrio
6. Higher
7. Diamondize
8. Immortalize
9. Champagne Charlie
10. Decimator
11. Terra Tellus
12. The Galveston Key
13. Uno
14. Slipt
15. Jet Black Pope
16. Progress
17. Empirical
18. Sidewards
19. Revival
20. Demarcation
21. Marahute
22. Kamel Krush
23. The Alkonost
24. New Order of the Ages
25. Chronicles of Zuo
26. End of the Sun

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview:  “Diamondize”

Dear lord that track listing was a pain in the dick…like a freakin pornogrind album lol, except almost all the tracks are 3+ minutes long and the album is a combined total of 1:49:34…wow.  Anyways, this was requested by sexcore.  Lots of people seem to be liking this!


  1. Its decent, a couple of annoying synth bits, but nothing too bad! Was surprised it pretty much got me round my mtb'ing run today, finished off with a bit of polarization, epic riding tunes!

  2. Went to their Bandcamp and listened to Diamondize. Blown away. Paid $5 for the album (pay anything you want for it). Definitely worth a listen

  3. a fantastic album, like a mix between wanzwa, animals as leaders and a.i.d


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