Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dissonance in Design – Discography (2010-2011)

Dissonance in Design
Genre:  Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Album:  The End of Infinity (2010)
4 tracks, ~0:21, 192kbps

Album:  Neurotransmitting an Epiphany (2011)
5 tracks, ~0:31, 320kbps

Support:  iTunes ($5.99)

I had “Neurotransmitting” as my number 3 EP in 2011 for a reason.  Technical, rhythmic, and catchy...especially that instrumental “The American Reality”.  Plus, they sample George Carlin.  You know what to do…support if you can.


  1. what ever happened to the gutteral monk? best of the old uploaders by far

    1. He does reviews and stuff pretty much everywhere...I think he was Eccentricism..maybe haha

  2. @Daemon, thanks for the kind words bud, i was running my own blog for a while but life always got in the way of that. Actually i'm looking for a new blog to write for again

    @Josh, i dont know who/what Eccenticism was but its not me lol also..if theres any openings over here @ DuckCore i'd love to do a once a week post on the importance of early 90's death metal... let me know ;)


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