Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn (2012)

Bloodshot Dawn
Album: Bloodshot Dawn
Genre: Melodic/Technical Death/Thrash Metal
Location: United Kingdom

Track Listing:
1. Beckoning Oblivion
2. Dedication to a Dead Cause
3. Forlorn World
4. Godless
5. Vision
6. Sentient Disease
7. The Quantum Apocalypse
8. Sickening Dogma
9. Illusion Aesthetic 
10. Prototype
11. Archetype

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Preview: Godless
This is some seriously good shit. One of the best debut albums I've heard since Fallujah's "The Harvest Wombs". Really good combination of influences, with excellent riffs and soloing. You shouldn't miss this. 

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