Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Consequence – Discography (2007-2011)

No Consequence
Genre:  Prog. Metalcore/Mathcore/ Groove

Album:  Pathway (2007)
(5 tracks, ~0:24, 128kbps)

Album:  In the Shadow of Gods (2009)
(11 tracks, ~0:37, VBR v1)
Support:  iTunes ($6.99)
Preview:  “The Fallen”

Album:  Single/Demo (2011)
(1 track, 0:04, 320kbps)

Some people refer to these guys as one of the first djent bands…I don’t know about that (they sound absolutely nothing like what you’d think of as djent), but they definitely have a wildly diverse and original sound with plenty of chaotic/mathy moments to go around.  I guarantee you won't find too many bands sounding like No Consequence.  Some of their grooves are also pretty vicious.  Can’t wait to hear more out of them!

PS:  These guys are signed to Basick, but their latest full length was released way back in 2009 and it seems like not too many have heard of them so I figured it would be okay to post it here…don’t tell haha


  1. Most underrated band out there. Some of the best compositions.

  2. i heard the songs you put for preveiw and only in the 2011 demo you can hear lil bit djent remains you talked about.. but i think the most say the began this stuff because they really tech and mathy but still melodic in some moments ^_^
    btw epic band haha

  3. How have I never heard these guys before?!?!

  4. Looks like you hotlinked the album image. Here's one you can use:


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