Monday, December 2, 2013

Villains - 10 Code (2013)

10 CODE cover art

Album: 10 Code
Genre: Deathcore/Groove/Nasty

Track Listing:
1. 10-56
2. Man Of The Evening (Ft. Tyler Dennin)
3. Directions To Servants
4. Death And Serenity
5. The Deep Six
6. Presage (Ft. Colin Sharkey)
7. The Recluse
8. Black

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Preview: "10-56"

Don't know why this wasn't posted already. This is some stupidly groovy deathcore with a little bit of hardcore thrown in the mix. If your head isn't bobbing you're listening wrong. The download link came directly from the band on their Facebook page. If you want to support buy some merch and/or go to one of their shows.


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