Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hail The Artilect - Remastered EP (2013)

Artist: Hail The Artilect
Album: Remastered EP
Genre: Deathcore/Metal

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Artificial Intellect (A.I)
3. Building Universes
4. Machines Like Us (Feat. Taylor Gorman)
5. Reconstructed Brain
6. The 7th Kingdom

Download: Bandcamp
Support: Bandcamp(NYP)

These guys hail from Portland Oregon, and are sick as all hell. My buddy found em, looked at me, and said dude. I instantly jumped on the laptop and listened to em, was not disappointed. The main reason I joined Duckcore was so I could pursue promoting/supporting my local scene, and by far Hail The Artilect is the best from my local area. Great vocals that in some parts remind me of Trevor from TBDM. The drummer is filling in for my buddies old band, which is awesome, and the guitar is dope as hell, kinda Egyptian at times, all in all super solid. This EP is free but if you got it throw it there way, and they only have 897 likes on Facebook. So if you like em go give them a like, and spread the word, Enjoy.

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