Sunday, December 15, 2013

Interruptio´s obligatory "End Of The Year" list! Part III: Top 16 (Edit: Top 17) records of the year

This is the final part of my "End Of The Year List"

Enjoy it.

17. Sleepers Awake - Transcension
Genre: Progressive Metal/Post Metal

This is my "Mastodon" surrogate of 2013. Awesome songs, with "The Fulcrum" one of the best songs this year. Phenomenal voice and intense grooves!

16. Light Bearer - Silver Tongue
Genre: Post Metal/Sludge/Post Hardcore

It´s rough, it´s dark , it´s sludgy.....and I fucking love it. What an epic record. I´m a big fan of their release of 2011, "Lapsus", but with "Silver Tongue", this band shows everything which can be possible.

15. Virgil Donati - In This Life
Genre: Fusion/Progressive Rock

One of the best drummers in the world shows his magnificent composing skills. Everyone with a little Fusion affinity should take 1 hour and try to decode this masterpiece.

14. Akeldama - Everything Beautiful
Genre: Progressive Metal/Groove

I didn´t expect that. The first stuff I´ve heard by Akeldama was standard Djent with a little bit odd clean vocals. But now, these guys deliver a hell of a record, with endless epic and such a high level of composing. Not a random Djent output, but rather an absolutely flawless Progressive Metal masterpiece.

13. Haken - The Mountain
Genre: Progressive Metal
Since my first listening of "Aquarius", I´m in love with this band. But with "The Mountain", Haken surpass their own very high level. These zappaesque masterstroke should be in every Prog Metal collection.
"This life is a dream
Our gift we receive
To live and to love
We forge the path "
12. Intronaut - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)
Genre: Post Metal/Progressive Metal

What should I say. I didn´t expect a greater record after the amazing "Valley Of The Smoke". But Intronaut creates a journey, leaded by fragile beauty and subtle strength. A journey, which takes your hand and release it with the last note.

11. Bonobo - The North Borders
Genre: Downtempo/Experimental
Preview: First Fires

One of the best albums in electronic music. Period. If you´re a metalhead, give this diamond a chance. Bonobo is such an awesome musician. What the fuck.

10. Scale The Summit - The Migration
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Experimental

Absolute exceptional musicians. "Atlas Novus" is one of the best tracks in 2013 and has one of the best bass playing I´ve ever heard. And yeah, the cover is so fucking great

9. Protest The Hero - Volition
Genre: Progressive Metal

"Kezia" is maybe one of the most innovative records of the last 10 years. Protest The Hero securely established their status as one of the big names in modern progressive music. I really enjoyed "Fortress" and "Scurrilous",  but not in the same way. But it´s back. The same "what the hell" feeling.

 8. Persefone - Spiritual Migration
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

I discovered this band back in 2009. I stumbled across "Shin-Ken", and wow! An unknown band from Andorra with such a strong record? And all the other previous releases, "Core" or "Truth Inside The Shades". But yeah, it was still "this little underground band from Andorra". But all that changed with the release of "Spiritual Migration" What a compositional masterpiece! This is Persefone´s entrance in the highest class of progressive extreme metal.

7. Tesseract - Altered State
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock/Groove/Experimental

I didn´t think that Tesseract excels "One". But they did.
"Wake Me Up"

6. David Maxim Micic - Bilo 3.0
Genre: Progressive Metal/Experimental

"Everything´s Fine" has maybe the most beautiful three minutes I´ve ever heard in my entire life.
Bilo 1.0 was great, Bilo 2.0 was "okay"....and Bilo 3.0 is one of the most atmospheric and well-written piece of music in the prog sector.

5. Being - Anthopocene
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock/Groove
Preview: Escape

Over 10 years of writing, collecting ideas and recording leaded to this unbelievable piece of music. This is such a huge impact on the whole prog scene, hopefully this band get the attention they deserve. Magnificent songwriting, awesome experiments, amazing vocals and all in all the perfect blend of groove, cosmic atmosphere and melodies which take your breath away.

(edited December 25th)

4. Exivious - Liminal

Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Fusion

The balance between technique and emotions is very hard to find. Exivious self-titled debut didn´t find that balance. But "Liminal" defines that balance in a new way. I never expect something that great from this band. Just mindblowing.

3. The Safety Fire - Mouth Of Swords
Genre: Progressive Metal

Hipser Metal. Fucking Hipster Metal. But also on an undescribable level of composing. Earwig after earwig, one of the most unique voices in the business and simply magnificent guitar work. "Grind The Ocean" was one of my favorite records in 2012, and The Safety Fire kept the quality. At least.

2. Caligula´s Horse - The Tide, The Thief & River´s End
Genre: Progressive Rock/Groove

It was a hard decision between The Safety Fire and Caligula´s Horse. But this record concerns me a bit more. Fuck, I can believe how good every song on this record is. It has everything. Groove, atmosphere, shredding, great vocals, some killer melodies and amazing arrangements.

1. The Ocean - Pelegial
Genre: Post Metal/Progressive Metal

My first place with no doubt. On the first place since the release. This record is perfect. Not nearly perfect. Perfect. "BTBAM – Colors"-perfect. "Tool-Lateralus"-perfect. Everyone who missed this in 2013 have missed the whole year. For every metalhead, for every proghead, for everyone who loves great music. The Ocean are the best. And Abyssopelagic II: Signals Of Anxiety is my favorite song of the year.

 That´s it. A great year. 

Thank you music.


  1. gonna check Sleepers Awake, Light Bearer and Virgil Donati and Bonobo. Great list btw, nice to see some haken

  2. Top 3 is identical to mine, which is a little spooky. Definitely checking out everything on there I don't already know

  3. check this

  4. Nice list, didn't even realise bilo 3.0 was out!

  5. Couldnt agree more about Persefone. I was not expecting a level of brilliant composition like that. Every single song blows me away every time. I listen to it at least 5 times a week


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