Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lament/Isolations/AngelMaker Split EP (2013)

Lament, Isolations, and AngelMaker
Album: Split EP
Genre: Deathcore/Brutal deathcore/Groove
Facebook: AngelMaker | Isolations | Lament

Track Listing:
1. Rome
2. Copious Momentum
3. I'll Spit On Your Grave (ft. Shane Helm)
4. Enslaved Defilement (ft. Casey and Mike)
5. Blood For Blood (ft. Isolations and Lament)
6. The Bridge Between

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Preview: "Blood For Blood"

Among my favorite releases of 2013, and for good reason. A very unique brand of deathcore that blends plenty of other influences from every corner that deathcore has. Three bands show us what they've got here, and feature each other in each song, creating a DISASTROUS result (in a good way) - their split EP. The first two songs are by Lament, offering a somewhat melodic, groovy, brutal mixture here, with plenty of blast beats. The second two songs present Isolations, showing us some slight beatdown influences with similar melodic touches, along with crushing breakdowns. The final two songs are by AngelMaker, whom you may know from their previous released called Decay. They offer straightforward but unique deathcore, with an extra dash or twenty of their own brutality/

For fans of: AngelMaker, Isolations, Lament, Thy Art is Murder, Immoralist, Delusions of Grandeur

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