Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Ocean The Sky- The Life You Chose (2013)

Artist: The Ocean The Sky
Album:The Life You Chose
Genre: Hardcore/Progressive Metal/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Familiar Realms
2. Welcome
3. Freedom
4. Divine
5. Unite
6. The Front Line
7. Eternal Eclipse

Download/Support/Preview(NYP) via Bandcamp

So ive been waiting a couple to get the ok on this one, and today is the day. For the past three days this band has been on my mind, I just cant get it out haha. This is in my opinion a better version of Northlane, even from the same country. Every bit of this is amazing, and in some parts even sound a little bit like slice the cake. The hardcore elements mixed with progressive, melodic riffs all blend into one beautifully done album. The Life You chose is free but is worth way more than that, if you got it throw it there way, they deserve it.

FFO: Northlane/Slice The Cake/Parkway Drive/Australia 

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