Monday, December 23, 2013

Shattered Skies - Reanimation (2011)

Artist: Shattered Skies
Album : Reanimation
Genre: Djent/Progressive Metal/Groove

Track Listing:
1. Beneath The Waves
2. Delusions
3. Attrition
4. Chasing After Time
5. Take The Beaten Path
6. This Is What We Built

Download: BandCamp(NYP)

I cant believe this has never been posted. It kinda reminds me of TesseracT with the groovy feels and amazing vocals. Through the EP the guitar is more than amazing. Its technical mix of head banging grooves, Djent pulsing riffs, and beautiful solos that can change the whole feel of every song. Although the vocals are clean, hes amazing. Every not is clear, perfect, and full of emotion. This EP is free but if you got it throw it there way, its a must have and I really hope you guys enjoy it.

FFO: Tesseract, Skyharbour,

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