Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interruptio´s obligatory "End Of The Year" list! Part II: Top 10 EP´s Of The Year!

Second part of my "End Of The Year Lists". Hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can find something new for you ;)

10. Fallujah - The Nomadic EP
Genre: Progressive/Technical Death Metal

At least since "The Harvest Wombs", Fallujah are the hottest shit in Extreme/Progressive Metal sector. The Nomadic EP is the perfect step in a direction, which can lead this band to the throne of Extreme Metal.

9. Clément Belio - Heïa 
Genre: Progressive Rock/Fusion/Experimental

Okay, maybe the cover is one of the best things I saw this year. Maybe it´s my natural affinity to french music. Whatever, this guy delivers an amazing Jazz/Prog/Rock/Metal/Experimental journey, and I´m stoked for the upcoming stuff.
8. Still Falling - The Three Suns
Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Progressive Deathcore

One of these records, which has a perfect balance between brutality, fragile melodies and composing. It hooked me only with the Intro track. This band has endless potential.

 7. Sithu Aye - 26
Genre: Progressive Metal/Instrumental/Experimental

Some of you may know, that this is exactly my kind of jam. Innovative instrumental prog music, with catchy leads and lots of experiments. Sithu Aye shows his more calm site here, but all of the 4 songs seem very defined,

 6. Polyphia - Inspire
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal

Catchy. Catchy as fuck. These guys know how to shred.

5. Koan Sound & Asa - Santuary EP
Genre: Electronic/Ambient

I know, some of you have their problems with electronic music. Because all the fucking bullshit. But between the bullshit, there are a lot of diamonds. And the EP of Koan Sound and the amazing Asa is maybe one of the best examples. Full of emotions, full of colors. These five songs mesmerize me every time I listen to them in an indescribable way.

4. Chon - Newborn Sun
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock/Math Rock/Experimental

This should be on the first place. Chon is maybe one of most unique bands out there, you can recognize them after the first seconds in every of their songs. And the release of this EP was one of the best musical things that happened in 2013.

3. Plini/Sithu Aye - I 
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Experimental

Yeah. Nothing to say about it. Two of my absolutely favorite artists.

2. Plini - Sweet Nothings
Genre:Instrumental Progressive Metal/Experimental

This guy sets new standards. His level of creativity and composing is not from this planet.

1. Plini - Other Things
Instrumental Progressive Metal/Experimental

And yeah, place 1-3  is Plini. He is maybe my "artist of the year". Everything that is needed to say was said.

 Thanks for watching buddies!

My "Album Of The Year" list will be released in some days.

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  1. lame... mainly instrumental bullshit. me wantz br00t4l breakdownz!!!


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