Tuesday, December 17, 2013

By The Beard Of Zeus - From Lambs To Lions (2013)

Artist: By The Beard Of Zeus
Album: From Lambs To Lions
Genre: DeathMetal/Metalcore/Metal

Track Listing:
1. Let Rise The Lions
2. Embrace
3. Hear My Voice
4. From Lambs To Lions
5. Remember Us
6. Faulty Kings
7. We Are In Motion
8. The Catalyst
9. Wasteland
10. Lord Of The Flies

Download/Support: Bandcamp($3.78)

These guys are badass, another band that kinda makes me want to go to battle haha. The vocalist sounds very similar to the vocalist from The War Of 1812. He has the crazy weird high that makes your ears wanna bleed haha. The music is super solid, groovy, bouncy, with great brreakdowns at times. I know im posting between josh's and Interruptio's AOTY lists but I gotta keep the music coming.

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