Sunday, December 29, 2013

Terra Mourn - You Made Me Realize (2013)

Artist: Terra Mourn
Album: You Made Me Realize
Genre: Progressive/Djent/Metal

1. Tons Of Scorching Sand
2. Farther Reaches
3. Slave
4. Blind Preacher
5. Accident

Support/Download: Bandcamp($2)
Preview: "Slave"

This album gave me goose bumps, no joke. Terra Mourn adds a whole new feel to the progressive genre, and in some parts theres things going on ive never heard before. The mix of slow brutal breakdowns, with clean vocals over top is a trick they pull off fantastically well. Last night when I found these guys, I looked over at my buddy in utter awe, just like wtf haha. This would be on my top 10 of 2013 for sure without a doubt. Its only two bucks, which is an amazing price for such a uniquely amazing album. Go throw them a like on Facebook and pick this up and enjoy.

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