Monday, December 9, 2013

1000 Plane Raid - Before The Fallout (2013)

Artist: 1000 Plane Raid
Album: Before The Fallout
Genre: Death Metal/Deathcore/Metal/Math Metal

Track Listing:
1. Reincarnation (Sterveboh's Cerk)
2. The King And His Wall
3. Misconception At Its Finest
4. Deals With The Unspoken
5. Before The Fallout

Download/Support ($5) via Bandcamp

This is some awesome deathcore, a few generic parts but all in all alot of unique aspects. With great breakdowns, mathy and amazing lead riffs, and powerful vocals, 1000 Plain Raid adds a few new parts to the the genre that in my opinion makes this one strong release. If you have the 5 bucks id pick this up, its more than worth it, so plz do enjoy.

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