Sunday, February 5, 2012

Point Below Zero - EP (2012)

Point Below Zero
Album: EP 2012
Genre: Technical Deathcore

 1. Kuklinski Gets The Job Done
2. A Sonnet Of False Hope
3. The War Of The Mind
4. Aother
5. The Faceless Monster
6. No Drugs For Jake
7. Dangermazz

This may be one of my favorite things I have uploaded, seriously. I'm blown away by this EP and I don't know how Point Below Zero isn't more known.  They are absolutely awesome and this is already in my top releases of 2012. Seriously awesome stuff. Also I've included a bandcamp link, the EP is only five bucks and if you really dig it, please buy it. It's worth every single penny and I'd really like to see more stuff from this band.

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