Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Impressionist - New Song (2012)

Album:  New Song
Genre:  Progressive Death Metal/Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Chaos. Doom. Discord.

The start of this song is just beautiful melodic guitar work and atmosphere...then you get punched in the face when the attitude of the song shifts and the core-ish part starts.  Caught me totally off guard the first time I heard it.  Just a really cool feel to this song.  Looking forward to new stuff from the meantime, check this out and get them some more likes on Facebook!


  1. i hope they write better lyrics in the future, their music deserves something more mature

    1. wow i didn't realize how bad they were lol...the music is pretty sick though.

    2. Impressionist will! The lyric's from this song are not like any of the other songs we write. Most of our lyrics we write are in a poem based style. We wanted to try something a little different in this song, being its more of an instrument piece; then lyrical. Here's an example of what to expect from our EP coming out this summer.

      "Hopeless and helpless we turn to the sky, a prayer is said, and no answer is to be found.
      We bow our heads, to face the ground, and a tear is shed always to be found.
      Struggling to survive with hearts filled with pain,
      Would a true creator forget what he made?
      Leaving us with a world full of heat, friends our enemies, and families can’t be found.
      Yet a villain’s voice can always be found. Giving us Weak, and loss souls a way to ease
      The pain,
      Mending our deep, never healing, lacerations,
      Invisible for the world to see around.
      Now consumed by the evils, of what our god called love.
      It’s hard to turn back when life’s this hard.
      So next time you look to infect someone with your pain,
      Just think of how you’ve added to our hell on earth, yet life goes on as a brutal mess" Any criticism is Appreciated feel free to speak your mind"


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