Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deliver Us From Evil - Still I Rise (2010)

Deliver Us From Evil
Album:  Still I Rise
Genre:  Technical Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal/Thrash

Track Listing:
1. Walk Into My Grave
2. Death Mortar
3. Still I Rise

Download (320kbps)
Preview:  "Still I Rise"

These guys remind me a lot of Wretched mixed with some core elements for some reason.  Pretty phenomenal stuff...thanks to Android for showing me them!  I can't believe I hadn't heard of them before lol...I think they're coming out with new stuff soon too :)


  1. Fuck yes. I have a signed copy of their debut album... it's at a friend's house right now, but once I get it back I'll rip it if you want to post it.

  2. any chance to get this in proper quality. sounds alot like a webrip :(


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