Friday, February 24, 2012

Eric from Years Since The Storm - Point Below Zero EP review.

Alright so if you guys didn't already know every Friday we are going to have sort of a "Guest Review" going on where we get someone from a bigger more experienced band to review a more underground unknown release. I thought this would be a good way for unknown bands to get feedback and help them out with a paragraph or two of feedback from someone who is more knowledgeable about actually playing music than me and Josh.

So without further adieu this is Eric from Years Since The Storm's Point Below Zero review.

"Hey so I was really stoked to be the first guest reviewer for the DuckCore blog. I've given Point Below Zero's new EP a few listens now and I definitely dig it. It's has a bit of that old school death metal feel with some new school groove.

The intro for this EP hits hard right off the bat. Their songs have good flow, and they seem to be a talented bunch. The drummer has some serious chops. While I'm not huge into blast beats, it's used pretty tastefully on this EP. Strong vocals overall, and obvious shredders on the strings. 

If i had to recommend one track off of this EP, it would be Dangermazz for sure. It'd be really cool to see this band progress with a little more diversity in their overall sound. The ending of the track The War Of The Mind has a really big, epic feel to it and I'd love to see more of that.

All in all, job well done boys. Keep the music alive and, as always, stay metal.

-Eric Snapper
-Years Since the Storm"

So there you have it, i'll post a song so you can guys can preview it if you like. Make sure to like Point Below Zero on Facebook and let them know if you dig it.

Thanks again for Eric for helping out and make sure to comment on this post if you like this guest review Friday thing.



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