Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Antioch Synopsis – The Antioch Synopsis (2013)

The Antioch Synopsis
Album:  The Antioch Synopsis
Genre:  Technical/Experimental Deathcore/Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Eden
2. The Origin Of Demons
3. Father Merrin
4. A Foreign Concept Of Forgiveness
5. Once Open Wounds
6. A Profound And Decadent Hatred
7. More Scars
9. By The Teeth Of Their Skin
10. Fearless Leader:  Guide Us Unto Oblivion
11. In Awe Of

Support:   Bandcamp ($7)

YES!  I will be AMAZED if you don’t destroy shit to that preview track, holy shit.  So much shred, so little time.  Fans of The Faceless or Fallujah will fucking DIG this.  More than likely going somewhere on my album of the year list for 2014 <3


  1. God dammit this is so good

    gotta buy

  2. Any chance you could post the 320kbps link here? :D

  3. thanks to everyone and anyone who gave us a listen and or just digs our tunes.


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