Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Beneath - The Barren Throne (2014)

Artist: Beneath
Album: The Barren Throne
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Technical Death Metal

01 Depleted Kingdom
02 Chalice
03 Barren Throne
04 Putrid Seed Of Affection
05 Iron Jaw
06 Sovereign Carnal Passion
07 Sky Burial
08 Veil Of Mercy
09 Mass Extinction Codex
10 Storm Drainer
11 Unearthed

I just got The Barren Throne a few days ago and am already on my 4th listen; just amazing. This album is brooding and dark. While I liked their debut, Enslaved by Fear, they really stepped it up. The beginning track, Depleted Kingdom, starts out with a melancholy acoustic passage and then gets intense. Full of hooks and catchy riffs that are really memorable, their sophomore effort is not something you want to pass on. It’s definitely my favorite “true” Death Metal release so far this year. The vocals are what you’d usually expect from a death metal release, but with a bit more clarity. This album has a bit of enjoyable tribal drumming that seems to have been left out of metal in recent years. There are a few slow sludgy parts that remind me of good slam without the burp vocals, which is really nice and refreshing. The final track, Unearthed, sounds like you are digging up a grave with the last riff just pummeling the listener with a shovel. Pick this album up if it fits your tastes, you won’t regret it.


(I would have enjoyed a few more sludgy parts and a couple more clean breaks like in Chalice)

written by Derek Knapp

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