Monday, January 6, 2014

Gloria Victis – Disorder (2013)

Gloria Victis
Album:  Disorder
Genre:  Traditional Metalcore/Hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Headstone
2. Portrayal
3. Dreamkeeper
4. When Silence Is The Answer
5. Through Consciousness
6. House Of Mirrors
7. No Need For False Pretense, My Son’s No Prodigy
8. Scarcarrier

Download (320kbps)

This isn’t really my cup of tea, but I know a lot of you guys will like it.  Metalcore kind of in the vain of August Burns Red, but this record has a lot more feelsy hardcore influences than their previous EP.  I can hear some Frontierer in there too?

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  1. do you have a DL link... their old shit is dope...


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