Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Leviathan – In Darkness It Crawls… (2013)

The Leviathan
Album:  In Darkness It Crawls
Genre:  Blackened/Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Reign Of Fire
2. Ex Inferis
3. Epoch
4. Panopticon
5. The Iron Throne
6. Hammer Of The Witches
7. The Leviathan Awakens…
8. …In Darkness It Crawls

Support:  Bandcamp ($6.22)

Hopefully this album makes up for my long absence from posting?  Methinks fans of any kind of death metal will dig the FUCK out of this.  Other than some Behemoth-ish theatricality and really catchy riffage going on, I just really don’t know how to describe their sound, other than the fact that they mix modern blackened death metal elements with old school death metal chops.  9/10 would (head)bang.


  1. Hey there, Dan for The Leviathan here, thanks for the review.

    Some nice words there, just a not, if anyone gets the album for reviewing purposes we would love it if you'd email us a link and we can share your reviews.

    mail or send us a facebook message if possible.

    Peace, stay metal!



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