Monday, August 12, 2013

I Am Atlas | To The Grave | Lynchmada - III (2013)

Artist: I Am Atlas/To The Grave/Lynchmada
Album: III
Genre: Progressive Metal/Death Metal/Experimental/Deathcore/Black Metal
Facebook: I Am Atlas Lynchmada To The Grave

1. Lynchmada - Pantheon
2. To The Grave - While I Breath
3. I Am Atlas - Confrontations
4. Lynchmada - Green River
5. To The Grave - Plague
6. I Am Atlas - The Transition
7. Lynchmada - Immerser
8. To The Grave - The Mirrored
9. I Am Atlas - Blastington 5000

Bandcamp (Purchase 10 AUD and Stream)

I usually don´t post splits, but this is outstanding. Three phenomenal bands, three phenomenal AUSTRALIAN (what else) bands. Lynchmada with the Groove Metal/Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore mix, I Am Atlas with the ultra experimental Black Metal/Prog Metal/Djent/Death Metal/Metalcore mesh up and To The Grave with the catchy Prog Deathcore! This is a MUST HAVE!

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