Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dehumanizing Prophet - The Plague (2012)

Dehumanizing Prophet
Album: The Plague
Genre: Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Awakening
2. Messianic Misanthropy
3. The Plague
4. Absolute Filth
5. Humanities Existence

Download (320kbps)
Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview: "The Plague"

Composed of the remnants of "Sleeping Pariah", this Death Metal duo hits hard. Grimy vocals that, in my own delusions, tend to remind me of Slice The Cakes vocals(TMWNF rather than the EP). Pretty tight and angry lyrics all around and some very angry riffs, all held together by the, what i believe is preformed by a drum machine, crushing blast beats. It's a pretty big shame I didn't know about these guys until just now. I'm terrible at giving out a "For Fans Of" but if you like Thy Art is Murder, Disfiguring Goddess, maybe Rings Of Saturn, or really anything that's good, check these nigs out. Give 'em a like on facebook!

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