Friday, August 30, 2013

Sarkophagus - Discography (2012-2013)

Album: Discography
Genre: Blackened, Symphonic Death Metal

Album Listing:
1. A Dirge For Mankind
2. A Harlot's Love Affair (single)
3. Almathea
4. Chapter III

Download (320kbps)
Bandcamp: (All NYP)
Preview: "Chapter III"

One of my favorite bands currently and guess what; THEY JUST RELEASED ALL OF THEIR MUSIC FOR FREE. Honestly words can't describe what beautiful arrangement is featured in this music. So well put together and such great story telling. If you've never heard of them I can guarantee you'll like them(Okay maybe you won't, but you suck). For Fanks Of: Akeldama, Slice The Cake, Ovid's Withering, Anything else that is fucking amazing. Included in this are 9 songs I believe (3 EPs + A Harlot's Love Affair). Just download this already. Oh and some of these guys are in the lovely band Into Infernus (Who I may try to post, but I'll have to talk to the band first). Also give these guys a like on Facebook.

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